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Backlinks Mastery Guide

Who This Guide is For?

I created this Backlinks Mastery Guide 2.0 specially for blog/website owners who are struggling to Get Better Results from Search Engines.

Backlinks mastery guide

This eBook is Surely For Someone Who:

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What People Are Saying About My Tips

Hey There, Himanshu This Side

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I’m a Blogger, SEO Consultant and Founder of Present Slide, a Website Helping Students in Finding Free Online Learning Resources.

I have been blogging since 2013 and learning new things on my own. I am also a Community Manager and Content Curator at one of the largest Facebook group Learn Digital Marketing having more than 180k members.

I wrote this eBook specially to help people who are struggling to get good results from their Blogs and Websites.

But one thing that you should note is that getting results take time and efforts. It took me years to learn all the things that i have shared in this eBook and you would need to take actions to apply all the tips and tricks.

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What You Will Be Learning?

When i started Blogging i faced the same difficulties that you people are facing now. I was writing good quality content, my site structure was good and even i was active on social media platforms.

But damn, no sign of organic traffic was there!

Being an active learner i started learning about SEO and how it can help in getting better results from my efforts.

I found that the only thing that is keeping me at the back were quality backlinks, that my competitors were having.

After all these years of learning i finally thought to share what i know. I am already sharing quality stuff about Content & Backlinks on Learn Digital Marketing, Facebook Group.

But they were not in an organized manner and i have kept so many tips to myself because sharing these things directly to such a large audience is not an easy thing to do. And thus i created this beginner’s friendly eBook.

You Will be learning about:

  • the importance of Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization
  • important factors to choose best websites
  • step by step methods to create high quality backlinks
  • Some bonus tips to enhance results

*Regular Price is 399/- INR

Wait.... There is a Special Bonus For You All

Backlinks Creation Practical Examples

A lot of people were asking for additional practical examples to be added and thus here is a special bonus for you. I have shown practical examples for all the important types of backlinks with step by step methods.

Actual Value: 300 Rupees

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How This eBook Can Help Me?
Answer: This eBook will help you in learning about Creating Backlinks from scratch which is an important factor in getting your websites ranked on Google.

Question: Will i Get a Life Time Access to The Content?
Answer: Yes, you will get the life time access to the content of this guide. You will get the copy on your Email id.

Question: I Have a Website, How Can I rank It on Google?
Answer: There are multiple factors in ranking a website and Backlinks are one of them. You can learn to create backlinks for your websites and if everything else is perfect then you can get your websites ranked.

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Who Should Not Buy This eBook?

No single thing can suit them all and if you relate yourself with one of the points below then you should not buy this eBook. Why i am saying this? Because i only want this eBook to reach the targeted buyers.

✅ If You Are Someone Who Don’t Want to Take Actions

✅ If You Already Know a Lot About Backlinks

✅ If You Are Looking For a tool That Can Create Backlinks on Automation

✅ If You Think SEO is a One Day Job and You Can Get High Rankings in a Day or Two.