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Free SEO Consultation

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.

The Internet is vast and is growing each day with more and more information. Being a curious creature, human beings surf the Internet to get answers for their queries ❓.

You might already know about Google being one of the most popular search engines. As per Internet Live Stats Google receives around 7 billion searches 🔍 everyday. This number is huge and is expected to grow much more with the focus on digitization.

But why is it important for you?

Google is free for everyone to submit their websites and get free online traffic through search results. People type in their queries and websites relevant to those queries pop up with their information. Through this process, the website owners attract 🧲 a lot of potential visitors to their sales funnels.

How Can We Do It?

Planning About Your Website's SEO


Planning things and creating a strategy on how you can make use of organic traffic to scale your online or offline business.

setting up website following all the guidelines

Set Up

Setting up your website as per the plan using the strategies that would help you get best results possible.

Optimizing For SEO with Free Consultation


Optimizing website based on the latest Search Engine guidelines in order to get  targeted organic traffic

But.... We Are Not That Skilled!

Most of the people that I meet have got the same issue when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. They don’t have enough working knowledge for the things and thus they never start.

And, this is the reason for me to provide this free SEO consultation service. With the help of this consultation I am trying to help business owners set up a right online system 🖥️. Also, you will get to learn about some working tips, tricks and strategies that no one else shares even in their paid courses.

What Is Included In This Consultation?

Your free consultation with me on SEO would allow you to ask queries about how SEO works. Also, we would discuss about your business goals and how SEO can help you in achieving those goals 📈.

The information shared can be used by you or the team that you have on your websites. If you don’t have a team then you can hire me as your SEO manager. The consultation then would help you to keep tracking the process and also analyzing the campaigns  that we would run.

Our free SEO consultation would include an audit of your site if you already have one. The auditing process 📄 would include:

Why Should We Trust You?

As a business owner you don’t have enough time ⏲️ to test people and thus it is a very good question to ask. In the past few years I have consulted more than 100 people for their SEO queries, helped them optimize their websites and get better organic results.

Instead of believing me, you can believe them as they share their feedback for me:

Himanshu’s knowledge in SEO is really fantastic. I really like the way he tries to understand the problem and then works for a solution. This makes him a core SEO guy. We worked together on few assignments and apart from that even in the communities he always comes with valuable suggestions and solutions. I will highly recommend him for his in-depth knowledge in SEO.

Pranav Jha
Founder PIMS, Noida

Whenever someone says SEO, I hear Himanshu. He has literally become a synonym. And one of the reasons for this is you’ll get to know those SEO facts from Himanshu that you will unlikely to find in any SEO blog or videos. He is an intense practitioner of SEO and very underrated person. I am able to write this testimonial because I have been working with him since last 6 months!

Akshay Borate
Owner AkayBee Media Studios

You always need to be in a network of like-minded people to get updates on the latest working strategies and tricks. Himanshu is that guy who has got all the answers for problems related to websites, search engines, and optimization web properties.

Pushpa Sharma
Founder, Digital Pushpa & Click to Eat

See you on the other side 😎