Want To Build Your Career In SEO?

Freelancing, Blogging, Or Even A High-paying Job

Search Engine optimization takes a mix of knowledge, right strategies, working tricks and patience. I can help you learn the right skills that you are required to build a career in this field.

Whether it is working as a freelancer, running a profitable blog, or even getting a high-paying job, I have done it all.

And, let me be clear with you that this is not a get rich quick scheme or a 5 days course that can make you a millionaire. Instead, this is a training program to provide you with some solid working knowledge about Blogging, SEO and Freelancing that will help you for years to come.

What Is There For You?

This One On One training would allow you to have live sessions with me on either of the skills that you choose. Maybe if you want to start a blog, or if you want to become a freelancer to earn money through SEO, or maybe to get a high-paying job in SEO.

The main reason for me to have these training sessions is to help as many people as I can by providing them better guidance. Here are the things that you would be getting after joining the personal training program:

Live Sessions

You Will Be Having Live Classes With Me As Per Our Schedule and Discussion for the Skill.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content With Tips, Tricks and Strategies That is Only Shared With My Students.


You Will Be Provided With a Certification at the End of This Personal Training Program.

Why to Join This Training?

At this moment, its all about time and it is the most important thing. You can’t just go through hundreds of blogs, YouTube videos and courses to deal with the raging competition. Even a day wasted can keep you away from the chance of making it big.

My name is Himanshu Sharma and people call me the The Ranking Machine. I am an SEO Consultant and a Mentor. In the last few years, I have consulted over 300+ businesses and have mentored 100s of students.

It took me years of self-learning and execution to reach at a place where I am helping hundreds of individuals and businesses to work on their online campaigns. As per my views Sharing knowledge on a blog is good but there are things for which you require a mentor.

Not everything can be learned through blogs and videos. You always need someone to help you with your queries as you dive deep into the topics.

Thus, if you are someone who wants to have a mentor who can guide you in right direction with all those working strategies and methods to change your blogging or online journey then you should surely join this training program.

I Want To Start A Blog And Earn

In the last few years, I have worked on multiple blogs myself and was able to scale them up to 200,000 visits a month in traffic and thousands of dollars in revenue. Apart from that, I have helped a number of people with setting up a blog, growing a blog from scratch, and starting earning from the same.

If you are :

I Want To Start Freelancing With SEO

Along with running a few blogs, I also consult multiple businesses as a freelance SEO Consultant. In the last few years, I have consulted more than 300 businesses under different verticals and helped them grow their business through organic campaigns. You can do that too by learning SEO skills.

If you are:

I Want To Join A High-Paying Job In SEO

After completing my education, I got the experience of working in various organizations at different roles. At present, I head the marketing team at Apna Writer as their Marketing Team. You can too get a high-paying job in this field by learning the right skills and finding the right opportunities.

If you are:

What Others Have to Say About Me?

*These Reviews Are From My Online Community Where I Keep Sharing My Knowledge Regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have a discussion with you before joining the training?

I always have a discussion with the person to know more about their requirements, goals, expectations, etc. You can fill up the form and we can connect on a discussion call.

2. What is the price for this program and what all payment methods you provide?

Every individual is unique and same goes with their needs and requirements. Having a fixed charge is not a good way to provide training as per the requirements. All major payment methods are accepted and we can discuss these things on a call.

3. Is this only for Indian citizens?

Not at all! SEO is a global skill and I haven’t restricted this training program only for Indian students.

4. Is this pre-recorded course or live sessions?

There is no pre-recorded video in this training program. I will be live classes with the students.

5. What would be the method to query you after this training?

The training program comes with a community where the members can share their queries and I help them as soon as possible. You can also connect with me over WhatsApp to have your queries solved after the training sessions.

6. Will this help me If I am just starting with things?

Each and every session would be there as per your prior knowledge on that topic. We will be starting from the basic concepts and then moving forward with the advance topics in step by step manner.