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Want To Scale Your Business Through SEO?

SEO Audit, SEO Strategy, And Growth Consultation

SEO is one of the most powerful processes to scale any business organically. Businesses of all sizes require Search Engine Optimization process to build their presence online. And, if you as a business owner are ignoring SEO for a while, you are losing out on a lot of revenue already.

Being an organic process, it takes time, proper strategies, and the right execution to bring results through search engine optimization.

What Is There For You?

Through my SEO consultation, you will be able to build a solid presence of your business online and can convert that presence and attention in sales and revenue.

Here are some of the major services that I offer to businesses of different scale:

Market Research

Analyzing your target audience and market to find growth opportunities.
SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Auditing your website in terms of UI/UX, content, technical factors, and more.
SEo Strategy

SEO Strategy

Crafting an end-to-end SEO strategy to scale your business organically.
SEO Execution

SEO Execution

Executing all the SEO strategies and activities as a monthly-retainer project.

SEO Consultation

Consulting your SEO team and guiding them in the right direction.
Anything else

Anything Else?

Helping you with any specific business requirement related to Organic Marketing.

Why You Should Connect With Me?

My name is Himanshu Sharma and in the last few years, I have consulted more than 300 businesses for their organic campaigns. They all were from different verticals and came with different set of requirements to deal with.

By working with all these clients and helping them scaling their business in terms of traffic & sales, I now understand what it takes to build a solid SEO plan.

If you want to have someone on your side who can guide you in right direction with all those working strategies and methods to change your SEO game, you can connect with me.

Some of The Businesses That I Consulted

In the last 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients globally for various requirements. Here are a few of them:
Consulted Clients

What Others Have to Say About Me?

*These Reviews Are From My Online Community Where I Keep Sharing My Knowledge Regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Would You Need an SEO Consultant?

So many people are using Search Engines to find out products and services. An SEO Consultant can help you in reaching you to your targeted audience and this way you can scale your business.

2. Would You Guarantee SEO Results?

If someone is telling you that He/She would get you guaranteed results on Google then please stay away from them. SEO is a process and their is No guarantee for the results. But however you could be sure to get better results as I focus more on optimizing websites for long term benefits.

3. Any Fix Time to Get Results From SEO Campaigns?

The time to get results depend on your niche and it varies from industry to industry. Also the time to get results depends on the competition on the keyword that you have selected to focus. A keyword for a particular location might be hard and the same keyword in other locations might be easier.

4. What are your service charges for SEO?

Every business is unique and same goes with their needs and requirements. Having a fixed charge is not a good way to provide consultation. I will only be able to share a proposal after discussing your business requirements on a free consultation call.

5. Is this only for Indian citizens?

Not at all! SEO is a global skill and I haven’t restricted this consultation only for Indian students.

6. Is SEO Better Than Paid Ads?

The term β€˜Better’ is relative and differs from person to person. When you want best results from your business you would have to focus on all the ways including Search Engine and Paid Ads too. Both SEO Services and Paid Ads are needed for building a brand out of business.

See you on the other side 😎