35+ Amazing Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know About

This whole post is dedicated to some Amazing Digital Marketing Tools.

Without dramatizing the situation we come straight to the fact that these Digital Marketing tools are important.

If we look at the actual figures than Digital marketing is almost nothing without tools. Right from the beginning to collecting results, tools are the basis of Digital Marketing Campaigns. This list contains both paid and free marketing tools available on the Internet to use. Most of them allow fair use after which you need to upgrade the services to continue using them.

The tools are characterized as per their use and strategies in which they are used. Not wasting any further time, we should now move to the list. These tools are used in Digital Marketing and SEO Consultants.

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Categories for Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing Research Tools

Marketing Research is done to plan out the strategies that you and your team will be following. It gives you an overview of the market structure and user demands. This is a very crucial step as all your efforts are based on the research that you have followed.

After doing complete marketing research you will know the key points about the fields you should work upon. There are hundreds if not thousands of Marketing Research tools and i can not review each and everyone here.

The list below contains the most useful and popular from the huge numbers:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the Part of Google Adwords platform. It is basically used for finding target keywords to put up ads on. But we can still use it for our Marketing Research and Analysis.

For instance if you are selling cakes on your offline store. You now wish to expand your cake shop to an Online Business.

You will then need to find the popularity of search terms related to Cakes. Google keyword planner can help you to find related terms and keywords that people search on Google.

Suppose there are 10k monthly searches for Buy Cake Online. After Ranking your online website for that keyword among the first three results. You can get up to 80% of monthly searches that feature for that certain keyword.

This is just for one such keyword and you can score well for multiple other Search Queries.

2. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I know there are many other tools for keyword research but I settled for Jaaxy. It gives close to accurate results with Competitor analysis ability. You can check for keywords related to your niche and know how easy or difficult is to rank on them.

It also tells the number of websites that are already working on that specific keyword. Therefore you can plan beforehand about the budget and strategies that you will require.

The Free plan gives you 30 free keyword searches. Moving to the paid version can be initiated after trying it out with free uses.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service from Tech Giant Google. The service can be used to get knowledge about how many times a specific keyword or term has been searched on Google over a certain period of time.

The data is very much close to accurate but still may contain inaccuracies. This data can be used to get ideas about the popularity of certain terms or phrases related to your product or service.

One of the simplest research tool i have ever used. The interface lets you provide your keyword and it shows you the results instantly.

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is an intelligent market analysis tool which can be used in multiple ways. The tool can be used to track your Competitors in the market with ease.

Just by entering the website of your competitor you can get complete insights about the same. The factor that it can track are:

  • Ranking of the Website Global as well as Local
  • Website Traffic Overview
  • Traffic Sources for that Website
  • Analysis with Search Traffic
  • Keywords that the website is ranking on
  • Social Shares and Traffic Collection
  • Audience Interests

After you know about the following details you can easily work upon them to beat your competitors. There are more things to count upon after getting the Pro version of the tool.

5. SharedCount

SharedCount tool can be used to Track the Social Shares of your web pages. It shows the shares from Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and much more.

This can also be used to track your competitor’s social outreach. You can easily plan a suitable strategy for overcoming them in the coming future.

Results can be collected and exported in the form of a CSV file. It will save a lot of time while performing Competitors Analysis.

6. BuzzSumo

The tool is usually operated for finding Great Content over the Internet. Just type in the keyword or phrase and it will come up with the content that is already performing well around the search.

Results can be used to know the type of content you need to create which is already working for others.

This saves lots of time for you to try out with new content with no actual market. You can also search for popular content from your competitor’s website.

The tool allows you a free trial in which you can also check the Backlinks for a given page. So the overall Competitor’s research can be done.

If I would count all the Marketing Research tools then the list will be never-ending. The above given tools are efficient enough to carry out marketing research. More tools will be added to the list as I will be using them in the near future.

Content Creation and Content Marketing Tools

After you have collected enough information about the market field. Next thing you can do is to create worthy content because the content is what everyone actually promotes with Digital Marketing Tools. Here comes the list of tools for both Content Creation and Marketing.

1. Quora

For creating content you might need a topic around your field of work. For example, if you are selling shoes then you might find that what actually you need to write about shows. If you will write the content which people are looking for over the Internet then you are good to go.

Quora is a Question and Answers website where people from around the world ask questions. These questions can be of any field and niche. The questions are then answered by other people having knowledge about that specific field.

As a Digital Marketer Quora can be an interesting digital marketing tool for finding good topics for your content.

Just enter the field of your business, here we are taking the example of Shoes. On searching for shoes you will be shown the questions that people have asked in the past.

Choose any question you know about and create high-quality content around that. It was this simple to get new content ideas that people will surely love to read.

2. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

There can be a situation when you are ready to go with some phrases but are not able to make it work. Quora questions are from random people searching over the Internet. For writing out a good and quality piece of article you surely require to go deep down with ideas.

You can choose HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator tool to get related ideas for your blog posts. An option for entering nouns is provided to the users.

On the basis of these nouns, it will come up with ideas that you can generate content on.

Suppose when I entered “Digital Marketing” in the noun field and clicked on the Give Me Blog Ideas Button, I got the following results:

  1. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Digital marketing.
  2. 7 Things About Digital marketing Your Boss Wants to Know.
  3. 14 Common Misconceptions About Digital marketing.
  4. The history of Digital marketing.
  5. 10 Signs You Should Invest in Digital marketing.

Isn’t that great?

You got so many ideas that you can create content on. Moreover, people really like the content provided in lists. Like Top 5, Best 5, etc.

3. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Still, messed up with the title you should choose?

It happens with almost every content writer. The title of the post is the first and foremost thing which attracts your visitors. Even if the website is ranking good in Search Engines, you will not get enough visitors with a boring title headline.

TweakYourBiz helps you in choosing the best suitable title for your blog posts. It gives you various categories to choose from including:

  • Lists
  • Questions
  • How to
  • Motivation
  • Business and More

Using this suggestion a good title can easily be generated without any worries. I used this tool in the pas when i was out of ideas.

4. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Sorry for being too focused on the Headlines here!

But its the most important part of your whole content. So I just want to give as many tools to help you in choosing the best Headlines.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer can be used to check the power and reliability of Headlines. It gives you a number between 0 to 100 and the bigger is better.

Just go to the tool website, enter up your headline and check the strength of Headline. The result is based on various factors such as:

  • Word Balance
  • Headline Type
  • Length Analysis
  • Keywords Used
  • Sentiments Used
  • Google Search Preview
  • Email Marketing Preview

All these factors end up with a ranking number which you can make better with better headlines.

4. Atlas

Atlas is one in all visualization tools including Charts, Graphs, and Research data. It contains visual research data on almost every topic and which can easily be embedded on your website.

Visual objects are much more appealing than textual ones. So this tool will be of great help to find Graphs and Data for your content.

For example, i searched for SEO on the Atlas interface and it came up with this graph:

There are graphs and visuals for almost all research topics. The user interface is also very simple to use and easy to embed.

5. Infogram

Infogram is another Data Visualization tool which is a must to add in the list here. It can be used to create your own Charts, Graphs, Infographics and other social media visuals.

There are various plans ranging from Free to 149 dollars a month. Give it a try and then you can move forward to paid plans as per the requirements.

It is one in all solution for Social Media Visualization for your content. All the graphic objects are rendered both for PC and Mobile Devices.

6. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful and robust tool for creating great presentations. The simple to use tool can be used for building amazing looking slide sheets with multiple features.

There are more than a hundred editing features to create informational slides. You will love to use this tool as presentations are always a part of great content.

Templates for PowerPoint presentations are available all over the Internet. You can either choose the free ones or can go with the paid templates.

7. PhraseGenerator

The PhraseGenerator tool can be used to generate random phrases and sentences. Its a unique tool which can be used to add some essence to the overall content.

I myself tried the tool and generated this random phrase:

The fluidity of poetry is in fact quite obtuse in its empiricism.

Its not a must to be used tool or something that needs to be looked at generally. The tool is only an add on which can be used as per preference.

8. ClearVoice

After creating great content you now need to market it well. For that, you obviously require content marketing tools that are worth putting your time on.

ClearVoice gives you the ease to market content with automated features.

All your clients, schedules, content, activities can be managed in one place. Also, you can hire freelancers from around the world for your content marketing campaigns.

Campaigns and Workforce can be created to work in with your teams. Managing the whole process with ClearVoice is a lot handier.

It is also a great platform for Content Creators to showcase and use your skills. Work as a Freelancer and earn a hefty sum of money right in your dashboard.

9. SqueezeCMM

For getting better results from all your content marketing campaigns you need to track them.

All the data points need to be tracked and reported for taking the next most profitable decision.

SqueezeCMM is the tool that can help you in all content analytics aspects at once. It is a platform that tracks content marketing performance across various channels including email, community, social media, web and native advertising.

Using this tool you will find the most promising content from your business profile. This way you can create more content of similar kind to get much more positive outcomes.

Here comes the end for the Content Marketing tools list for now. More tools will be added to this category in the coming future.

Web/Business Analytics Tools

Almost every Digital Marketing decision depends on how users want them to be iterated. All your efforts are interlinked with the interactions of the end-users with your product or service.

The user behavior thus collected and reported needs to be analyzed. It will then help in the further decision-making process. For an online business, most of their outcomes are dependent on the website or mobile apps. So it is essential to analyze how the users actually interact with them.

Below is the list of Web and Business analytics tools which are popular and important as well:

1. Google Analytics

The first tool that every digital marketer comes across is Google Analytics. The free platform provided by Google for analyzing user behavior on Web properties.

You will be able to get complete reports about the audience even in real-time. Some of the major things that can be tracked are:

  • Source from where traffic is coming
  • Location of the visitors
  • Which all keywords are bringing users
  • Most visited pages
  • Real-time audience
  • User behavior on your site
  • Device and Network used by Visitors

There are many more things that you can keep track of by applying various filters. Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a user analytics platform that lets the marketing analyst from your organization to understand each user.

The tool can be used to get access to instant results through automatic insights so you can take intelligent actions to improve your customer experience.

Mixpanel does not restrict itself to providing page and site views. It helps in tracking the user events and behavior that matter to your product.

The insights are fully loaded with the meta-data and reports for in-depth analysis of users behavior on your website.

3. Quantcast

A few years back everything was reported manually by looking at actions and outcomes. As the data grew bigger there was a need for automated systems which can do that on their own.

Quantcast is an Artificial Intelligence-driven web analytics tool. It can be used to keep an eye on User Insights, Targeting and Measurement factors to grow up your business.

It provides visitor insights through geographic and demographic data. The information also includes stats about the interests of the end-user with other related website activities.

4. Alexa

I hope everyone has heard about Alexa Ranking while working on some website. Alexa is a web platform that provides various tools for digital marketers as well as content creators.

The Alexa Web Analyzing tool calculates the ranking of a website based on various factors. The report contains Search traffic, Backlinks, Source of the audience, keywords and much more.

Simple and efficient tool to track basic information about web analytics. The upgraded version comes with many more features.

5. Parse.ly

Parse.ly is a standard and predictive user analytics tool. The website owner can track the performance of each key point of the website individually.

It allows the publisher to outreach the former content in the right direction. The predictive content marketing strategy helps in getting your work forward with a suitable path.

Parse.ly provides real-time and historical analytics dashboard, API, and data pipeline. Through the use of this to you can improve user engagement on the specific content that is predicted.

The price of the tools depends on the size of your business and the requirement you hold. You can get a quote for your industry by submitting their Price form.

Multimedia Tools

Multimedia do play an important role in promoting web content. It is easy to share Graphics over the Internet and thus the content that includes graphics get more shares.

There are various Graphics creation tools available and I am listing some of them which I personally use:

1. Pixabay

Every time i need an Image for adding up in my blog posts I move to Pixabay. It is an online platform that provides free images that can be used even for commercial purposes.

There is no obligation to give credits to the author and more than 6 million pictures are available.

Search any kind of pictures and use them free on your website or for your commercial use. Never use images downloaded directly from Google now 😀

2. Unsplash

Just as Pixabay, Unsplash provides royalty-free images that can be used in your web projects.

There is a number of free images available there. These images can be used even in your commercial projects but some of them do require a credit to the owner.

Use the platform to find amazing pictures without worrying about copyright issues.

3. Canva

I personally love Canva and all the graphics that are used on my blogs are created with Canva. The tool offers great creation features and a number of templates that can be used to build professional-looking graphics.

There are templates categorized into every basic need related to Digital Marketing.

Whether you need to create Banners, Infographics, Logos, etc. Canva can be used and the graphics can be created in minutes of time.

You will also have access to millions of free illustrations and graphic elements to be used in your projects.

4. Wistia

Informational videos are loved by everyone out there. Wistia is a video hosting platform which also provides analytics and management of your video content.

All your Business videos can be hosted with Wistia and can be embedded in any no. of places. It also gives you control that on which type of websites your content can be shared and embedded with.

The analytics part gives you access to your reports about how well your content is performing. There are many Business houses who generated large no. of leads through Video Marketing.

5. Prezi

I already talked about Presentations in the PowerPoint tool and their importance. You can’t ignore the fact that Presentations can increase user engagement by up to 57%.

Prezi is an online presentation creation tool with no. of great features.

The presentations created through Prezi can easily be Embedded in your web content.

You will love the end results for your Presentation with Prezi.

6. PiktoChart

Another great application for creating Graphic designs for your content. It is not easy to create Infographics and other Media content from Scratch and thus PiktoChart is a very helpful tool for the same.

There are various templates provided and you just need to edit them to create yours. The free plan has limited features but can be easily upgraded to the paid plans.

It provides a special discount to Non-profit and Education related organizations. Things that you can build with PiktoChart are:

  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Flyers
  • Posters and More

These were some of the Multimedia tools that i personally love to work on. As the word count is increasing and the list is yet to finish the further tools are only briefly explained.

Now we will be moving to the list of Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools

1. Yoast SEO

Almost everyone using a WordPress website has this plugin installed. Yoast SEO is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to monitor and manage SEO related factors of your website.

While writing blog posts it will recommend the best possible you should take care. You will get a score in accordance to your content. There are many other features that it provides like generating sitemaps, managing search engine listing, etc.

2. Moonsy Google Keyword Rank Checker

If you are working on some keywords you will love this tool. Moonsy Keyword rank checker helps you in finding the position of your site for a specific keyword.

You just need to enter in your keyword and website URL. It will come up with the position of that URL in Google Search Results according to that keyword.

3. SEO Audit Tool

Don’t waste your time in manually Auditing your website for SEO. There are many SEO audit tools available online.

I prefer What’s Your SEO Score audit tool when it comes to detailed analysis. It will find out everything related to your web page that might affect the overall SEO strategies.

After looking at the points provided you can make your site Search Engine Optimized.

4. WooRank Chrome Extension

As the name suggests it is a Google Chrome Extension. It can be installed in your Chrome Browser for getting SEO details of any website that you visit.

WooRank also provides online we review tool and they are giving 14 days free trial for it. You can get detailed review for any website and mark up the issues that need to be solved.

5. WebMeUp

WebMeUp starts from a free service ranging to 149 dollars a month. It offers backlink checking facilities where you can check the links to any URL provided.

The free plan allows you to get 3 detailed reports per month. For getting more reports obviously you need to upgrade to a paid membership plan.

6. MozBar

MozBar is a free SEO research tool that can be implemented in your browser itself.

Just like the WooRank, it has its own set of factors to rank a website. Moz has determined the websites from past many years and came up with two major factors. Domain Authority and Page Authority which it uses to rank a website accordingly.

The bar will reside on top of your browser’s viewport and will give details of every website you visit.

7. SEMrush

Using multiple tools individually reduces productivity and campaign potential.

SEMrush got it all at one place to work like a pro. It is an all in one Marketing Toolkit that serves all your basic research and monitoring tasks.

For a specific website you can actually review:

  • Paid and Organic Search
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords used
  • Display Advertising
  • Other SEO Factors

Lets now get to some Email Marketing tools as well 😀

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of the Digital Marketing campaign. It is nothing but a process of sending commercial and business emails to a group of people.

You must need some Digital Marketing Tools to work on the strategies for sending great emails.

There are various reasons why Emails are sent commercially and we will discuss them sometime later. Now we can look at some of these important Email Marketing Tools.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best Email Marketing service provider when it comes to reliability. The service can be set to automation for sending bulk emails to your subscribers.

Email campaigns can be created in order to touch down every related event. The tracking feature that it provides is also very powerful and consistent.

Allowing its users to collect emails from subscribers through pop up boxes helps marketers in getting ahead.

Use it for free at its basic features and can be upgraded for automation features.

2. Litmus

Litmus is an amazing Email Marketing tool for testing your emails before sending them to real users. It provides you an easy way to render your emails for more than 90+ Client devices.

This saves the hassle and worries that your emails are shown as good as you have created them.

You can also track your emails by creating Email Campaigns in the Dashboard. With the perfect Email Key, you will never end up into the spam folder again.

3. Constant Contact

Just like MailChimp, Constant Contact is another powerful Email Marketing Service provider.

Get more email subscribers with the help of tools that Constant Contact provides you. You can also create welcome emails for your new subscribers.

Campaigns are easy to create, track and manage. Each and every email can be tracked to get the most out of your results.

The plans start from 20 dollars a month with the first month free. You can try their services and use them as per requirements.

That is all for now 😀

These were the Digital Marketing Tools that I have personally used for my projects. I know there are hundreds of other tools but they are not on the list as I have not used them.

More tools will be added to the list as per my use. You can always check back to get more Digital Marketing Tools updated occasionally.


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