Get Hundreds of Open-Source Illustrations

At present, every company is working hard on building its online presence. When it comes to social media, posts with appealing visuals get more attention, and others often get ignored.

Are you too working on creating an online presence for your business?

It is a well-known fact that visual things get much better attention. But, on the other side, it is not easy for business houses to hire a professional graphic designer for every single graphic need.

There are tools like Canva and Pexel which made it easy for social media managers to create posts. The only thing you need is illustrations that you can embed in your designs. Creating a brand presence requires the consistent posting of content on different platforms.

And, for consistent flow, you would require so many illustrations. Buying them is not a good option, so what to do now?

How can you get so many illustrations for free?

There is an amazing website named Undraw. It allows anyone to download open-source illustrations that too for free.

Here is an amazing illustration that I just downloaded from Undraw

Undraw Illustration

Another great thing about Undraw is that you can choose any color for the illustrations. You just need to set the color once and all of the illustrations will get converted in that color. This will help you in creating graphics matching your brand identity.

What About Their License?

The major problem that people face is to find images and illustrations that are free to use. Many websites market them as free but their license never allows open use of their products. With Undraw, things are very clear.

You can use the graphics in any project, commercial or personal without any attribution or cost. The only thing that is restricted is the use of graphics to create a website or service similar to Undraw.

Isn’t that amazing?

Download the graphics either in SVG format for editing later or PNG format for blogs and websites. There are hundreds of them and they keep on adding new ones in the list every now and then.

Being an SEO consultant, I need these graphics many times to add in my reports and presentations. And Undraw gives me an easy to use option to download and work on these illustrations.

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  1. Very helpful resource!
    I think Scale would be a great addition to this list as well. Scale ( is a collection of free, open-source, high-quality illustrations. You can choose graphics from a wide array of topics and adapt them to your branding style using our color picker. It is perfect for personal and commercial use. No attribution needed!


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