100+ Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Welcome to the complete list of Strategies and Techniques to increase website traffic.

Traffic is as important to a Website as fuel is important to Motor vehicles.

No website or blog would be able to survive without traffic and that is the reason every site owner loves it.

Getting traffic to your website is not that hard as it seems to be. But it makes you deal with effective strategies and techniques that bring quality traffic.

Moreover, it depends on how you tackle the problems and attract people to visit your site.

In this post, you will know about 100+ effective ways to increase traffic to your website or blog.

It’s obvious that I am not following all the tactics that are listed here.

But I will suggest you follow as many strategies as you can.

Follow these simple and effective ways to increase website traffic and that too targeted.


1. Write quality content.

2. Research on your topic well.

3. Make your posts sharable โ€“ Install or embed social sharing icons so that people can easily share your content.

4. Allow visitors to post comments on your site, it readily lets you have some feedback and responses.

5. Engage with visitors through your content and pictures.

6. Write articles ranging from 1000 โ€“ 2000 words โ€“ they are trusted by the Search Engines.

7. Interlink your articles, it will alternatively increase user engagement and user experience.

8. Give links of posts from other people’s content as it enhances both the reliability and trust factor.

9. Write posts as list as they are liked by readers. For example โ€œ10 ways to protect your mobile from the virusโ€

10. Organize giveaways and let people share your content for free stuff. It will increase reach easily and you will get lots of traffic.

11. You can also organize contests which actually works the same as giveaways to bring more traffic.

12. Take interviews of famous personalities in your niche. This way their followers will also come to read your interview post and other website content.

13. Update the content regularly which creates a continuous flow of visitors.

Social Media Tactics

14. Make social media profiles on all major social platforms.

15. Create a Facebook page and manage it with latest updates.

16. Share each and every post on social media regularly to get lots of blog traffic.

17. Tweet new posts on twitter with hashtags and mentioning people related to that post.

18. Join Facebook groups related to your niche and post your ideas there.

19. Join Google+ communities and share your content there. Choose only healthy and targeted communities.

20. Interact with people on Social Media by tagging them in posts or having debates and conversations.

21. Ask your friends and family members to share your posts.

22. Don’t forget to share your old posts time by time on Social Media.

23. Promote your Facebook page for some money to reach out to a larger audience.

24. Same you can do by promoting your twitter account or post with Twitter Ads.

25. Give ads on Google search page with the use of Adwords.

26. Make informational videos and share on YouTube.

27. Share self-made or self clicked pictures on Flickr or Pixabay and give links to your blog.

28. Use Quora to Get Traffic, find questions that you can answer and give your link at the end after answering them well.

29. Make presentations and slides to upload them on SlideShare. Mention your blog link to get traffic.

30. If you do share images on your blog and website then you can have your Instagram account too.


Search Engine Optimization

31. Choose a better template which is perfect in both looks and functioning.

32. Use a mobile-friendly template think about mobile-first.

33. Submit your blog to Google Search Console to get detailed information about site health.

34. Submit blog to all other search engines too โ€“ you can use EntireWeb to submit your site to all major search engine at once.

35. Add your blog or website to Blog Submission directories like AllTop, Blogarama etc.

36. Provide your RSS feed to RSS feeds directories.

37. Comment on Authority Blogs with relative niches. Spamming there will not help you but leaving an informational comment will surely do good.

38. Guest blog on other high authority websites to get bot a backlink and visitors.

39. Invite others to guest blog on your website to add quality content and visitors.

40. Convert your posts to PDF, upload them on PDF sharing websites and link your blog.

41. Write testimonials for products and then ask for a backlink.

42. Engage with others on Forums and link to your blog only when necessary.

43. Add your blog to DMOZ or another such directory. They have guidelines that your website needs to follow.

44. Answer questions on Yahoo answers and link back to your blog posts.

45. Use great headlines to attract more visitors. You can use Digital Marketing tools to create awesome headlines.

46. Make use of Subheading and Bold words so that it looks good for the reader.

47. Give a meta description to your posts so that search engines won’t show random stuff in search results.

48. Use Yoast SEO in WordPress to write SEO based articles.

49. Use mobile-friendly Adsense Ads on your blog. Don’t use custom tags because they might break your page code.

50. Never use poor link building strategies or buy cheap links. They can penalize your website from Search Engines.

51. Remove broken links from your blog because they degrade user interface.

52. Check your articles for spelling or grammar mistakes before publishing them to the live audience.


53. Ask your friends who to own a website or blog to help you in sharing content.

54. Start your own Mailing list and use Email Marketing tools to gather trusted email subscribers.

55. Write great content for the mailing list and share it occasionally.

56. Developย Android and iOS applications for your Blog. There are websites which you can use to develop apps without coding.

57. Start your own Forum where people come and get their queries discussed. You can use plug-ins in WordPress to build a Forum on your site.

58. Organize polls or quizzes on the website and showcase the winner.

59. Create a theme for WordPress and link back to your blog.

60. Develop a WordPress plugin either and let people reach your blog.

61. Give free coupons and deals, therefore, asking visitors to share your posts.

62. Remove any site errors from your website or blog which eventually frustrates users.

63. Sponsor other’s giveaways and get traffic on your site through them.

64. Write about famous personalities in your niche. They will share it and retweet if your content is appreciable.

65. Use Click to Tweet plugin on your posts to reach more people.

66. Advertise your blog on BuySellAds or other similar websites.

67. Organize seminars and webinars to interact with more people.

68. Always attend events and conferences related to your web or blog niche so that you can get noticed.

69. Write great eBooks and provide them to people for free.

70. Create good online courses on platforms such as Udemy, Udacity, Lynda etc and send huge traffic to your website.

71. Become famous on Fiverr, Freelancer or other such platforms. You can then link back to your website but before that, you must complete some projects.

72. Help people setting up their blogs and websites and ask them for sharing your website.

73. Add your Facebook page like box to your blog. The more you will grow socially the more you will get targeted visitors.

74. Write a big list post with an amazing set of options to go with.

75. Attend events as a public speaker and share website or blogs there.

76. Submit your website to Web directories for link and traffic both.

77. Use the most popular tags in your Tweets.

78. Write posts on new topics before someone else. Like you can write something on a phone to be launched, event that is about to take place or similar things.

79. Keep a watch on your competitors and see how they are getting their traffic.

80. Use related posts plugin like Zemanta.

81. Write case studies about topics related to your niche and get genuine backlinks and visitors.

82. Ask your School/College to link back your blog from the website.

83. Develop extensions for chrome or any other browser and add your link to the extension page.

84. Create HTML CSS templates and give them for free.

85. Start with a newsletter from day one and do not hesitate to put up signup forms.

86. Submit your blog to Website review sites like Critique. Feedbacks and visitors could be directed to your site.

87. Submit your blog to Craiglist which is an online ads platform.

88. Conduct your own webinars and teach people for free or with a little fee.

89. Create online tools related to your niche โ€“ get links and visitors.

90. Build a good relationship with other bloggers.

91. Share your posts in WhatsApp groups but not to Spam

92. Help your fellow bloggers and ask them to share your content.

93. Submit your posts to Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

94. Compare products and services because people love to read comparisons.

95. Add a contact us form to your blog and reply to each and every query.

96. Review on a product or a service and warn people if it is a scam.

97. Schedule a post and inform people in advance about the post. This will help in bringing more curious visitors.

98. Add new content on your website and invite people to review it.

99. Create an event on your website and promote it to get visitors.

100.ย  Spread the word about the power of blogging.

101. Use push notification services and get quality visitors instantly โ€“ they are better than email marketing.

This was a huge list of ways to increase website traffic. Same points can be used to increase traffic to your blog too. I hope you liked the content and share it with your friends now as sharing is caring ๐Ÿ™‚

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