A Complete Guide on Profile Creation Websites Around SEO

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Today I am up with a new blog on Profile Creation Websites. This blog will focus on every aspect focused on these sites and how they can help you.

It is always a topic of debate that does Profile Creation really helps in boosting page ranks or not.

Whatever be the answer of the debate but I have seen some positive results. I used Profile Creation Websites on both low and medium competition keywords and they worked for me just like any other strategy.

Don’t worry if you are just starting with Profile Creation and don’t know how to get thorough. This guide will take you from the very beginning to creating your own profiles.

Content of This Guide on Profile Creation Website:

  1. Defining Profile Creation Websites.
  2. Need to Create Profiles
  3. Indexing problem with Profile Websites
  4. How to create profiles and Submit Articles.
  5. List of Profile Creation Websites

Now you know the content structure of this guide lets just move through each section one by one.

1. Defining Profile Creation Websites

A profile website is nothing but a social media website where user profiles are created. They are important in the field of SEO because they allow the addition of website URL in the profile details.

Most of the time this link provides a Dofollow attribute and thus helps in improving site rank. Another thing with these sites is that they allow users to post updates just as we update on Facebook, Twitter. People can insert links to their own websites and that too a dofollow one.

Although they work as a social networking platform but still used only for creating profiles. Their presence in the SEO world is very much old and thus they are popular among Digital Marketers working for creating backlinks.

2. Need to Create Profiles

You might be thinking about the need and importance of creating these profiles. There are various reasons for which you need to use and create the profiles.

I am listing some of the top reasons to get some healthy Profiles created:

  1. Social Visitors: These profiles have thousands of visitors each day. Increase visitors from those sites to your website if you provide some relevant information to them.
  2. Improved Ranking: If you create profiles on high-quality Profile Creation Websites then you can see an improvement in rankings. Never use spam website with content that might hurt your ranking and trust factor.
  3. Online Presence: These profile websites are ranked higher in search results. This way they can be used to get your sites on top search results indirectly faster.
  4. Dofollow Backlinks: As it is obvious that search position highly depends on the backlink structure of a website. Getting dofollow backlinks from these profile creation websites helps in SEO.
  5. Networking: Most of the websites allow users to post on their timelines. This feature can be used for networking and providing information that attracts users.

3. Indexing Problems with Profile Creation Websites

I have seen people complaining about their profiles not getting indexed in search engines. It happens usually with the profile sites which are having spam content and get penalized by search engines.

Try to create profiles only on high-quality sites and not on spam websites. This will also save you from getting a lower ranking in Search Results.

Due to the fact that these websites provide dofollow links, they get misused on large basis. People use them to create backlinks for harmful sites and also post illegal stuff.

Choose a website which:

  • Have quality user profiles
  • Does not have spam content
  • Have a review mechanism for post updation
  • Takes action on reported bad content

Even if it takes some time to get your details reviewed go with high-quality sites only. You will never regret the wait that you will invest.

4. Creating Profiles Step by Step

It is an easy process to set up your profiles on these websites. Just as you create a Facebook account or any other social account.

  • Just go to any of the Profile Creation websites and you will find options of either Sign-Up or Register.
  • Enter your details correctly with a working Email Id.
  • You will get a verification link on your submitted Email id, just verify it.
  • After the verification login into your new profile.
  • Most of the profiles will show an Edit Profile option where you can enter further details.
  • You will see an option to enter your website URL, enter it and save the details.
  • Some of them will also let you post updates, can use it the same as Facebook status updates.

Following the above steps will let you create Profiles on such websites. If you get stuck anywhere just comment your queries down.

5. List of Profile Creation Websites

There are thousands of such websites with the addition of new one each day. But as I have already told you that only go with sites that have good and reliable content. I am now listing some of the best Profile Creation Websites that you can go with.

Don’t create all the profiles in a single day as this is a very bad practice and will alert Search Engines. Go with the flow and use them one by one.

S. No. Site Link
1 https://mootools.net/
2 https://www.blurtit.com/
3 https://fastlisting.org/
4 http://30boxes.com
5 https://angel.co
6 https://www.business-achievers.com/
7 http://www.fanpop.com
8 https://www.funadvice.com/
9 https://www.designnominees.com/
10 http://www.bagtheweb.com
11 https://onmogul.com/
12 http://steepster.com
13 https://steemit.com/
14 http://yourlisten.com

I know these are only a few ones but these all have been indexed on Google. Almost all of them allow post creation for user profiles therefore you got an added benefit.

For more websites, you can look at Blogging Seed Article

Use these Profile Creation Websites to build backlinks on your sites. Don’t spam there and provide some healthy information in order to get a good profile score.

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