Past, Present and Future of Search Engine Optimization

Hello readers, it’s quite a long break that I took from writing down a post here.

I was really very busy learning stuff that is actually required in the present scenario of Digital World. Today i will be writing about the complete story that revolves around me about Search Engine Optimization.

So let’s get started with the article without wasting much time in the Intro:

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

There are multiple definitions and each person working on it can define it in a new dimension. For me, SEO is just optimizing the content for both the people and for the Search Engines too.

Instead of just making it a gimmick to the Search Engine, make it genuine. Create content that your visitors feel good to read, share and subscribe to.

Now you might be thinking of the reason to actually optimize content. We will be looking into that matter in the coming section.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Required?

Just like in a marketplace there are hundreds of shops and there can be multiple shops selling the same product or service. Now in order to get the customers to reach your shop, you need to make yourself visible.

On the web, it works similar to that of the physical marketplace. You own a website, but there are millions of other people owning a website at the same time.

For a search query, Google or any other search engine could not show all the websites at once. Search Engines use their algorithms to find the best-suited website and rank them in order of Page Rank decided by hundreds of factors including:

  • Website Speed
  • Domain Authority
  • Site Authority
  • Website Profile
  • Social Media Presence
  • Content Quality
  • User Interaction

There are more than 200 factors that decide the search result ranking for a website. This is where SEO comes into limelight.

With SEO you can optimize your site with the guidelines so that Search Engines find it relevant to the specific query. This way your website will rank higher in search results.

How SEO Entered the Digital World – Traveling Through Time

Search Engine Optimization term dates back to 1997 when the Internet started to grow at a rapid speed. People actually started devoting time to getting more visitors to the site.

At that time there were only a few websites and no stable structure was available to traverse through them. But as the number increases the need for both a search directory and to select the best website from it grew too.

It started the fire that created the field of Search Engines most commonly seen as Google. It was quite easy at the beginning to rank on the page of Google.

There was no solid algorithm and neither there was any competition. Growing the number of websites created another field Search Engine Optimization.

Where is the SEO field Heading?

Search Engine basically started with thousands of websites that are competing with each other. Now if you would look at the number of the website at present you will know the situation.

There are around 1,33,00,00,000 results for the query Digital Marketing alone. Do you think each one of them can learn how to reach the first page of Google for this query?

With billions of dollars spent on SEO strategies, it will not be acceptable to even touch the second rank on the first page.

So where the SEO is actually leading towards?

It’s not the fact that SEO is dead but SEO is quite dead for some specific queries that are years old. There are new user keywords generated each fraction of seconds.

New events, launches, activities make people search for them and this makes it easy for website owners to work on those queries. But for a keyword that is here from the start of the Internet, it’s quite impossible to rank first on Google Search Result.

If Not SEO, Then What?

There is always a welcome to new fields in the Digital World. As soon as SEO had seen the growth there was another field that emerged, Advertising.

Advertising is just as in its traditional form is to persuade visitors of the Internet to move towards a new set of Information. This way website owners can attract new users to their web content.

As the number of websites increasing at a great speed people are moving more to the paid outreach. Online Advertisement has seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years.

So we are not actually moving away from Search Engine Optimization but have just divided ourselves. The people looking for a quick audience go with Advertisement and other people who have time and also those who require an audience for the long run go with SEO.

This was all about the way Search Engine Optimization came and changed the Digital World. Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere in the coming years but we will also see new fields emerging in the same timeline.

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