15 Tips For Writing Great Content Every Single Time

This post about writing great content caught your attention?

It means that either you are a content creator or willing to be one.

The main thing which differentiates every website from others is the content. There are thousands of websites and blogs with the same niche but still, they are somehow different.

Your content and the way it’s presented makes your blog stand out from others. For reaching out to quality customers you need to deliver Quality Content.

It seems quite easy to Create Great Content and at some point it really is.

Anyone can write a healthy piece of information and present it well to others. All they will require is to plan, research and practice.

Nobody learns to write quality articles in a single day, it takes patience and hard work to enhance your skills.

This post is mainly focused on Writing Content for Blogs but the tactics can be used in other fields of writing too.

Now we shall move to list:

Tips For Writing Great Content

1. Planning The Content

Planning the content is one of the major points in writing it. You should have clear knowledge about the need and requirements of your content.

Failing to do so will cost you all the time and energy that you will invest in preparing it. Unplanned way of writing mostly never works because it does not have a direction for readers.

There should abound to the actual information you will provide. The reader should not get messed up with information with no actual bound.

2. Researching The Topic Well

After you have planned out a topic that your content will revolve around, you need to research well.

Do not write about a topic which you are not familiar with or you have no knowledge about the same. It might sound harsh but it is for real.

You have the Internet containing billions of informational posts that can be used for researching the topic. Major websites that could be used for researching are:

  • Wikipedia
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+ Communities
  • Just a Random Google Search

You should only start writing the content after doing proper research.

3. Creating a Blue Print of Your Content

Gathering information alone can not satisfy the need for quality that readers want. The article should have a structure for people to understand the article thoroughly.

Choose whether it would be a How-To post or a List post just as you are reading one. After choosing the structure you can then fill it with related content elements including Headings, Sub Heading, Lists, Bold Points.

4. The Catchy Headlines

What do you find the most attractive thing about an article at first glance?

Obviously, its the Headline itself.

As I always tell people that the Headline is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention. You only have 2 to 3 seconds of user attention to attract them to read your article.

Make sure your headline should have a Call to Read sentiment. One of the posts I read yesterday was with a Headline “5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Dying”

This is the thing where people can’t resist themselves from clicking. You should try similar things with your Headlines related to your niche.

5. Explaining The Purpose of Content at The Beginning

Don’t just start writing tips and instructions right from your first word. Start your article with a welcoming tone explaining further content.

This way your readers get ready for acquiring the information that you are just going to provide.

You can also make an index like structure for all your points that you are going to tell in the article itself. This will save time for a person who just wants a brief instruction.

6. Using Subheadings Wherever Necessary

Subheadings are used to break up your content in smaller parts. This allows the reader to understand the article with greater readability.

No one would love to read big blocks of texts with no break therefore you should use subheading tags like H2, H3 and so on.

I do use these tags every time in my post and this could be the reason that people love to read them.

7. Create Content With Shorter Sentences

Almost everyone writes content for the readers out there. With the growth of the Internet and Digital Means, every person is now covered with information all around.

If you are not providing information in an interactive and subtle manner then you are losing.

Make sure that you write to the point sentences which enhances the readability.

If you are writing for a Blog or Website then User Experience should be your utmost priority.

8. Adding Images and Videos

People love visuals more than they love the boring text. Never remain limited in providing the best type of information that you can.

Find images and videos related to your content and mix them well with your content.

Don’t leave any single aspect that makes you piece of content far behind others.

Another thing with images is that people love to share them on social media platforms. Social sharing your images internally increases your reach towards your audience.

Only use copyright-free images and videos and not just putting random stuff from the Internet. There are many websites providing Royalty-Free Images and I mostly use Pixabay and Unsplash.

9. Interlinking The Articles

Just as one page of your book can be referenced from the other one, you can interlink your articles too. Interlinking increases the user engagement on your site which reduces the bounce rate.

You can use this tactic to engage users from your popular posts to other posts that are not that much popular. Also when you interlink the articles it allows the Search Engine Crawlers to move through your site easily.

10. Using Outbound Links in Posts

Linking your articles to other website’s content not only helps your readers to understand your topic well but also helps in Search Engine Optimization.

The links which you give are helpful in building the authority and niche range of your website.

It also helps the search engines to know about your field of information effectively.

Use outbound links only when required and never use irrelevant external links that it feels bad to the readers.

11. Adding Tags and Categories

The tags and categories help in sorting down your posts. Adding suitable categories to the articles to show them in the menu based on the same.

A sorted Website Content looks better than the posts floating here and there.

Make sure you use only required tags that are relevant to your content. Never stuff the tags with your primary or secondary keywords.

12. Using Slides and Infographics

Slides and Infographics are the visual representation of textual data and information. They are used to present data efficiently in a way that the reader could understand it clearly.

According to Present Slide, Infographics can be used to increase user engagement by up to 53%. This reason should be enough for you to take action accordingly.

Most of the Infographics and Slides website allows the users to embed them directly on the website. Therefore you can try it without uploading directly onto your host which might hurt the disk space.

13. Adding Quotes to Your Content

Adding quotes in your content can make your readers go wow!

No, it’s not a joke, according to research with quotes embedded in a content it was found that content which was having Quotes in it was shared 23% more.

The Purpose of Art is to Washing The Dust of Daily Life Off Our Souls Pablo Picasso

Although this quote has nothing to do with this post but you should always use a relevant one.

14. Interacting With Your Readers

User interaction will be the best thing that will help your content go viral. Go to the same level where your reader is, ask them questions, give their question’s a solution.

Interact with them with any move that you can have. Asking your blog readers to play quizzes, answer surveys, polls are also a great way to interact with them.

Making sure that the user always lives your articles not just they read them.

15. Final Checks for Any Correction

Before you make your content go public, check it once again. This will be done as a habitual activity you need to perform while writing great content.

Reading it once yourself to find any mistake or if it is missing some information. Checking all the images and links that they are working perfectly.

Doing it every time before your post confirms that you are providing the right information.

These were some interesting tips for Writing Great Content Every time you decide to write. Follow them and use them to enhance your writing skills.

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