From Zero to 100k Answer Views on Quora

Quora is a traffic machine that is used by website owners.

You might be assuming to have a simple definition for Quora. A usual content writer will define it as a Question-Answer website helping people in getting their queries answered.

But, if you will ask someone who is working on Quora regularly, it is a gem for them.

In this article, I will be sharing my journey from 0 to 100k answer views on Quora. And being clear here, I am not that much active on Quora. Most of my answers are to help some close friends get a few visitors, it is true.

Don’t worry, I will not be sharing tips on helping friends but instead to write what can get views. Only a few of my answers are getting the most percentage in total views. But, let me start the article from real basics so that it can help a person who is just starting knowing the terms.

You can always skip to the sections you are most comfortable with. Let’s get started:

What is This Quora Man?

There are still some people who don’t know about the platform. There is nothing bad in not knowing about something. So, Quora is a Question-Answer platform where people come with their queries to get answers. These queries are answered by industry experts or anybody who has got the knowledge in that domain.

Some other people also browse the website to read quality questions and answers posted by others. People can Upvote(Facebook React’s Alternative) other’s answers and can also reply to them with comments. This creates a healthy environment for knowledge and information.

Why Should You Take a Look?

It is okay if you don’t want to join the platform but already millions of others are joining. Even if they are not joining they are reading Quora answers either by landing through a google search or Social Media shares. Similar Web count shows more than 400 million active users on Quora.

What is the first thing you need after setting up your funnels and stuff?

Isn’t it the traffic that you want?

Running ads and all is another thing but you surely want to attract as many organic visitors as you can. The organic reach on Facebook and all is pretty much dead if you are not working effectively and you do need a different approach.

On Quora, people are actively looking for information and you can become their hero, superman maybe. Provide value to users and you can attract a hell lot of visitors on your websites and important landing pages.

You don’t believe me?

Here is an article from Ahrefs showing the process of generating 1 million views from Quora

And here is how Quora helped in generating thousands of leads

You will get hundreds of such examples on the Internet. People are actively working on providing value and getting an amazing response for the same.

And The Results That I Got

I never worked on Quora to generate traffic or leads to my websites as a whole. Some of my answers do have links to my blog posts and they also get quality traffic from the platform. I used to write answers just to increase the stats mark day by day.

But, if you want then these views can easily be converted into your blog traffic and maybe leads too. The main rule for every platform is to focus on providing value to the users. I still see some people trying to spam with random links on the website, this rarely works and degrades brand identity.

These are the statistics from my Quora account:

Quora 100k Views

I wrote 97 answers till now on the platform and as I told earlier, most of them are not at all good. The account was created in 2016 but only a few answers were written at that time with negligible views. I started writing answers again at the end of 2019 and that started the engine.

Most of the answers are related to Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing. Rest others are related to random online queries about Facebook, Instagram and Online Learning. I do run an online course portal Present Slide and usually link the articles to my blog posts. It helps in getting a continuous flow of targeted visitors on the portal.

How I Choose Questions to Answer?

Not all answers on Quora get enough attention and this might be a concern for you. While most of my answers are randomly written as they appeared on my timeline, but for some, I did use my brain. Below are some points which I kept in my mind while answering questions:

1. Questions Having Fewer Answers

This might not be the best factor to go with but it works. Search for a topic in your niche like “Digital Marketing” and search for important questions that are still not answered by many. You can mix these factors with the ones that I will be sharing below to get better results.

2. Questions Having Good Number of Followers

Quora allows people to follow questions and they will get notified of new answers. With more numbers of followers to question, you have an opportunity to reach more people after answering the same.

Quora Question Followers

Now, you should be mixing this factor with the one shared above. Look for questions having fewer answers and a high number of followers. This will surely allow you to reach more number of people that are ready to view your answers.

3. Finding Top Writers and Replicating

The platform features writers who are doing an amazing job in answering queries. These writers get lacs of views and you can also replicate some of their efforts. Search for any topic in your niche, here I am giving an example of Digital Marketing topic:

Digital Marketing Topic on Quora

After that, you will get a list of most viewed writers on that particular topic. Choose any of the top writers and land on their profile page by clicking on the name. There you have to select the sorting method as “All Time Views”. This will show the most viewed answer of that writer.

Most Viewed Answers

We are doing this to find some really active questions which surely can bring in so many views. Choose any one of the top answers and most probably it would belong to your niche. If you know the topic then do write an amazing piece of content as your answer with data and insights.

If you don’t know about that specific question then leave and look for next questions in the row.

4. Adding Visual Elements to Answers

Answers having some visual elements like images get higher attention. Try adding some copyright-free images from Pixabay, Unsplash or similar platforms. Make sure that it resonates with the answer you are writing. Also try to add extra statistics, insights, and references that power your answers.

You might be excited to add your links in the answers but choose to add them wisely. Adding links without any actual use will get your answer deleted by the moderators or maybe an account ban too. I tried adding pictures to my answers and they got quite a better response with views and upvotes.

So, this was all about my journey from 0 to 100k views on Quora. I hope you would have got some amazing insights from the article. Do share your views and make sure you share it with something in need.

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